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Please find below our range of industrial & weatherproof products for use in harsh environments. Funke Huster Fernsig (FHF) manufacture this range of weatherproof communications equipment and industrial signalling devices such as beacons, sounders and loudspeakers. Industry Supply offer the following products at competitive prices. Please contact us for pricing and more information
Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

NEW! Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges with digital multiple echo technology to obtain accurate material and corrosion thickness measurements through coatings on pipes, tanks & plant.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Industrial Telephones

We supply a range of heavy duty, weatherproof, Industrial telephones for security, emergency and courtesy applications whether located internally or externally. Analogue, VoIP, GSM & solar powered phones.

Weatherproof Telephones

Industrial Telephones
Industrial Loudspeakers

A range of Industrial Loudspeakers including weatherproof signaling bells & hooters, buzzers, sirens, sounders & horns. These industrial / weatherproof loudspeakers and alarms are ideal in commercial and industrial locations.

Weatherproof Loudspeakers

Industrial loudspeakers
Industrial Beacons

A range of weatherproof & industrial beacons from FHF for use in hazardous areas. Industrial strobe beacons, aviation obstruction lights, rotating beacons, weatherproof signal beacons, Industrial traffic lights

Industrial / Weatherproof Beacons

Industrial Beacons
Industrial Headsets

We offer a wide range of industrial headsets ideal for police, swat teams, fire and rescue services & construction operatives. Military spec headsets, bluetooth headsets, wireless headset systems, hardline rescure headsets & portable communication systems.

Industrial Headsets

Industrial Headsets
Industrial Cameras

Industrial digital cameras certified for ATEX and IECex zone 1 and zone 2. These Industrial, waterproof and wifi-enabled cameras capture high quality still images and record HD video. The Xcorder weatherproof camera is perfect for use in hazardous industrial environments.

Industrial / Weatherproof Cameras

Industrial cameras, Industrial digital cameras
Industrial Switches & Indicators

Industry Supply offer the FHF range of Industrial switches including a fire alarm switch, twilight Indicator switch, pendulum switch and surge arrestor to compliment their range of industrial products.

Industrial Switches

Industrial Switches, Indicators & detectors
Industrial Intercom Systems

Industrial Intercom station for use
in anlogue telephone networks, suitable for indoors and outdoors applications. Programmable functions, inbuild or build up versions with 3 talk button

Weatherproof Intercom Systems

Industrial Intercom Systems, Intercom
Vehicle Mounted PC

This windows based vehicle mounted PC is designed for installation into all types of vehicles or machinery. The Flash disc drive secures against shocks and vibrations & allows for reliable operation.
Vehicle Mounted Windows PC

Vehicle Mounted PC
Hydraulic Tools

hydraulic tool range consisting of a square & hexagonal drive hydraulic torque wrenches that have been designed for controlled tightening of nut-bolt connections.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Hydraulic Tools
Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools for industrial use in automotive, construction and heavy machinery repair. Pneumatic impact wrenches from 3/8 "up to 1", Ratchet wrenches from 1/4 "to 1/2", Pneumatic screwdrivers & more
Pneumatic Tools for Sale

Pneumatic Tools
TP Radio - Industry Radio Equipment

TP Radio industrial quality

and accessories for the VHF and UHF bands (66-88 MHz, 136-174 MHz and 335-470 MHz).
TP Radio
Atex Certified Equipment

In many hazardous workplaces equipment is required to be intrinsically safe & atex certified.
Atex Global Ltd offer a full range of Ex certified equipment for use in industrial mining, oil & gas plants, chemical plants or any locations with explosive atmospheres.

Atex Global Ltd

Atex Certified
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