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Industrial Fire Alarm Switch

Fire alarm switch for use in areas with explosive atmospheres for zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.
Flexible application thanks to a variety of different resistor modules.

  • Housing of glass-fibre reinforced polyester
  • All metal parts of V4A stainless steel
  • IP 66 (IEC 529)
  • VdS approval
  • Atex Certified
    II 2 G Ex ed mb IIC T6, T5
    II 2 D Ex tD A21 IP66 T 100°C
  • 3 Colours red (yellow or blue special alarm)

  • Industrial Fire Alarm Switch Industrial Fire alarm switch

    Pendulum Switch

    For level detection of granulated or pulverised bulk materials and as malfunction indicator.
    The EL 101 D pendulum switch is, for example, possible to use the device to monitor the level in con tainers containing granulated or pulverised materials in which the growing pile cone causes the deflection. It can also be used on conveyor belts to indicate the presence of material to be conveyed, as current indicator at locks or waterways or as limit switch in railway facilities. Its mode of operation opens up other application possibilities. The very sturdy construction of the pendulum switch allows its use in the roughest of operating conditions. Even hard blows are no problem for it.

    The EL 101 D is designed for direct connection to an actuator circuit. When deflected from the vertical, the EL 101 D pendulum switch carries out a switching function. An inclination of 20° already suffices to cause a freely moving steel ball inside the housing to operate a special microswitch.

    Industrial Pendulum SwitchPendulum Switch

    Twilight Indicator Switch

    This twilight photocell automatically switches lights & beacons etc. ON and OFF.

    The SRN 2000-D-Ex twilight photocell is primarily intended to switch on lights, optical signalling devices, etc. automatically when it gets dark. When daylight falls below a set value (set by the operator), the internal load relay is activated and the light or device connected to it is turned on .

  • Can be used in zones 1 + 2 without additional explosion protection means
  • Explosion protection class EEx em [ib] IIB T6
  • Switches loads up to 6 A, 230 VAC
  • Twilight SwitchTwilight Indicator Switch

    DUS - Surge Protector

    Protects against surge voltages in the testing wires of electric sensor circuits

    The surge arrestor is used wherever devices and equipment have to be pro- tected against surge voltages safely and reliably. A preferred field of application is the protection of measuring circuits against excessively high voltages. In the case of faulty generator windings, for example, the high voltage can reach the sensors and testing wires. It is therefore recom- mended that the surge arrestors already be installed on the generator for over- voltage protection.

  • Surge-voltage protection
  • Discharge ability 1 kA
  • Six different spark-over voltages
  • Surge Protector
    Surge Protector

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